About Bang Up

What started as eBay and Etsy stores, has now migrated to it’s own platform. Our passion for fashion is just as big as our passion for sustainability.

We specialize in pre-owned designers pieces and popular brands. Each piece is curated with a special attention to trends, quality and … always in “bang up condition”.

We believe in the lifecycle of quality craftmanship, and we know the pleasure of buying a designer items is grander when it comes with economy… and a cause. Even better.

Bang Up en anglais signifie excellent, ou avoir fais une excellente job. Et donc Bang Up condition, pour nous, signifie en excellente condition. 

We’re sustainable

We like to think of ourselves, and our community, as sustainable queens (and kings). We like fashion, we like luxury, but we don’t like waste, and the linear economy of make. We believe in the circular economy and the beliefs that when we buy quality goods, we can use them again, and again. Sustainable luxury is definitely a movement we are proud to be apart of! 

Millions of pre-owned items are sold every year and the impact on the environment is huge. The need to buy “disposable clothes” is slowly been replaced by the resale of premium items and we are living for it!! 

Our mission is to encourage consumers to consider resale as a smart and sustainable approach to fashion.


A boutique curated by Émilie

We work hard, because we love what we do and believe in the importance of enforcing this lifestyle. We’re constantly evolving and innovating to bring you the ultimate luxury experience, and we’re fully committed to our business and customers. 

Founded by Emilie, this boutique comes as a curated collection of her favourite pieces. With a keen eye for details, Emilie always had a talent to find a gem in a pile of miscellaneous. Sharing her talent in a sustainable matter really is a gift. 

Bang Up is the premier resale luxury online store in Quebec. Many store have opened the pathway to the market, but buying local is a further step in the sustainable lifestyle ladder. 

Please visit our shipping page to see why this can be an advantage for you. 

“Buy less,

Choose Well”

 – Vivienne Westwood

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